Helpful Dating Tips for Women



Helpful Dating Tips for Women

Dating life not going so well? Tired of dating games and working so hard to try to find a good guy that dating isn’t even fun anymore? You’re not alone. Dating burnout can happen whether you’re divorced and getting back out there or even just starting to date. It’s understandable to be frustrated when everyone else seems to be finding Mr.Right while you seem to keep finding Mr Wrong or no Mr at all! So what’s a girl to do? Follow our advice and use our tried and true dating tips for women to help you put the fun back into dating and get well on your way to finding a great guy. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the right advice will help you get your love life back on track! This is the best advice we can give in helpful dating tips for women.

 Best Helpful Dating Tips for Women

  • Think about what you really want and not what you should want. Sound strange? The sad reality is that women have long been told what they should want. According to others, we should want a husband, babies, and the white picket fence, so we go out there expecting to find that right away—whether we want it or not. Think about what you want from a guy right this second and be honest. Forget about what everyone thinks you should want at this moment. Do you want to be in a committed relationship with a marriage-minded guy? Or do you want to just enjoy something light and casual for now? Date accordingly for what you want. If you want a serious relationship, then steer clear of guys who are playing the field and not interested in commitment. If you want to keep it casual, then stop worrying about what anyone else thinks and be open with guys about not wanting anything serious. This will save you (and the guys you date) a lot of heartache and confusion.
  • Love yourself first. Whether looking for love or a fling, you’ll benefit in love and life by learning to love yourself first. It’s absolutely true that you can’t expect others to love you and find you worthy if you don’t. Learning to see your positive attributes instead of focusing on the negative is a must. See yourself the way that you want others to and you can bet your sweet bottom that they will. Confidence really is sexy and when you love yourself it shows. Love yourself and guys will know you’re worth it. By “it” I mean their time, energy, and attention.
  • Dress to impress…yourself. Getting hung up on trying to look like the models in magazines or wearing trends that look good on someone else can backfire and leave you looking and feeling worse. Dress to impress yourself by choosing clothes that highlight your best features and make you feel good when you put them on. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy trends or take inspiration from others. Just remember when shopping for clothes that wearing things that you know you look good in provides an instant confidence boost that completes the package. Try things on and look for clothes that fit well and are stylish. Not a good shopper? Then enlist the help of an honest friend or knowledgeable sales clerk.
  • Be happy. How will being happy help you find a great guy? Because a happy woman has an air about her that makes men want to be around her. Smiling and not sweating the small stuff doesn’t just make you feel good; others around you will feel good to. And what happens when something feels good? We want more of it! This same premise applies to dating and attracting men because men want to be around happy women who are easy to be with and make them feel good. Do things that make you happy, avoid drama, and smile, and you’ll quickly see the affect that has on guys.
  • Broaden your dating horizons. Do you have a type? Most of us do. Whether your type be tall, dark, and handsome, or short, stocky, and quirky; forget it! This isn’t about lowering standards because you definitely deserve an amazing guy. Opening yourself to other types of guys allows you the chance to meet someone fabulous that you might overlook otherwise. Just because a guy looks the part doesn’t mean that he’s the right fit. Broadening your dating horizons by giving more guys a chance to date you is likely to result in a few pleasant surprises and lead you to finding the right guy a lot faster. Besides, if you’re here looking for dating tips for women then sticking to your type probably hasn’t been working out for you, has it?

The Bottom Line

Finding a great guy isn’t about playing all kinds of dating games, or love calculators, or other gimmicks. It’s about taking care of you and learning to love yourself and your life so that others want to be a part of it. Invest the time and energy into feeling and looking your best and others will want to invest their time and energy into you. You can attract more men simply by showing them that you’re fun and easy to be around. Date with an open mind and have fun with dating and life in general and you’ll quickly see a shift in the way men look at you and treat you.

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