How to get him to notice you more?

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How to make him notice you more


Article Snippet:

There is someone you have got your eye on, but you’re fairly sure he doesn’t even know you exist! You want him to take notice of you, so what can you do to put yourself out there and make him interested and intrigued by you?

The Details:

Radiate your femininity: Just like women are usually more attracted to masculine men, the same goes for men who are attracted to your femininity. You can radiate this through your clothing, your hair, hanging out with your female friends a little more, your feminine positive energy and your body language. Be fun and energetic. If he sees you happy and laughing with your friends he will be intrigued by you. Men love women who like to get out and have a good time and have a great energetic vibe. Spend time with your friends and have a great time, and he will see you as a positive outgoing person.

Flirt! Once you have been around him a few times, had a conversation or two, try some subtle flirting with him. Maybe just touch his arm when talking to him, or compliment him. Just little simple things like this definitely make him think about you. Start Small. Maybe he’s a friend of a friend, or you see him each morning as you walk to work. First start by trying to catch his eye, but don’t stare! Once you’ve got eye contact, smile at him. It may take time, but the beginning is as simple as that.

Initiate conversation. It’s a simple as saying Hi! You are approaching him in a non threatening way, and probably will get a response from him. If he doesn’t say anything back, he could just be shy, so don’t worry. He could be feeling nervous talking to you!

Try for being friends first. Having a friendship is always the best beginning to a good relationship, as it really allows you to get to know each other. The friendship will move at its own pace, but if you think its needs a bit of a push then him some gentle signals.

Dress to impress. Dress up in an outfit that really flatters your figure, without going too over the top. Men like women who make a bit of an effort to look good. Make an effort to dress up and this will grab his attention.

Don’t play hard to get. If you started talking to him, or gave him some indication you were interested but then completely backed off, he will think you’re not interested or are playing games, so he will back away. He isn’t interested in mixed signals, and he it is unlikely he will try to chase you.


The Bottom Line:

Always remember that there are many good guys out there, so if the man you are interested in doesn’t seem to be feeling the same, then don’t let it upset you. Just move on, and remember that your happiness doesn’t depend on someone else! When getting a guy to notice you just be yourself, be happy, and you’ll find that guys will enjoy spending time with you.