The 10 Different Types Of GIRLFRIENDS!

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Hey, Rachel. Happy anniversary. BOX  Can you do that one more time so I can get it on Snapchat? Because that was like– we’re going to be people’s relationship objectives. Just one more. Ready? Oh my god, guys. So cute. Guys, look at what he just go me. Awe. everyone’s relationship objectives Hey, guys. It’s Rachel. And I decided it would be a fun feeling to do the 10 different types of girlfriends. Honestly, I think that every girlfriend is a quite health concoction of all of these types of girlfriends, but I wanted to find a way to separate them and acquire 10 all kinds of girlfriends.

If this video get to 400,000 likes then I will do 10 different types of lovers. That’s right, don’t assume that girls are the only ones that have different types. Boys do to. Everyone does. Of course, everyone is unique, so this kind of merely playing around with the relevant recommendations. Comment down below which one of these girlfriends you recognize.

Let’s get on to the video. Aw, wait, are you able do that again? I want to a picture of it so I can Instagram it. Go.Oh, I appear so happy. I saw you were texting that girlfriend from your class again. That Sarah one. I was just asking her about some homework. Well, you know how I feel about you talking to people in the same gender category as me.

That’s ridiculous.

Is she look at this place Isaac? No , no , no. OK, I could claim him as my own, right now. OK , where are you going? I’m going to the gym. Running to the gym? Yeah. OK, merely text right when you get there. All right. Investigate ya. OK. Mmm , no. I don’t think I actually like that shirt on you. Can you wear the lily-white ones with the embellished pockets? That’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous. I had the best sushi last-place darknes. Wait, that’s so funny because my lover cherishes sushi, very. So, do you want to going to see movies afterward? Me and boyfriend ever go to the movies. Wow, how ludicrous. I love you. I– I– I adoration cake![ CRICKETS] What? What are you doing? Harbouring you side. Isaac, we’re in public. And? What’s wrong with that? I don’t know.

Just seems a little weird. That’s ridiculous. Isaac, is there something wrong with us. Hmm? Well, I texted today at PM, and it literally took you 37 minutes and seconds to answer back Babe, I’m going to hang out with the guys.

OK, merely hold on. I need to put on my shoe. What are you doing? It’s a guys darknes. What are you doing? Oh, I’m not coming? No, it’s a guys darknes. Sorry, babe. That’s ridiculous. Yeah! Yeah. My make. Get away. You merely gobble garlic. Ahh, does my breather smell good? Oh, god. Ohhh. Rachel, are you able delight pick up your shoes? Why do you were supposed to deter shout at me? Babe, I really like the behavior you did you makeup like that. What do you signify like the behavior I did my makeup? What about everything else? Why can’t you just say you adoration the behavior I did everything today? I’m not even going to respond. OK, I’ve already altogether figured it out.

For my birthday I want the 18 karat gold Apple Watch. And then, for food. I want to go to– What about Pizza Express? Excuse me? You want me to eat pizza on my birthday? What kind of person do you think I am? Hey, babe.

Yeah? I want to wishes to receive a happy birthday. Demonstrate me your wrist. I got you the Apple Watch you craved. Ohh, you’re so sweet. Yeah. What is this? No, don’t set it on my wrist. It’s an Apple Watch. I didn’t want the pitch-black one. I craved the 18 karat gold one. This one’s ugly. You literally ruined my birthday. You don’t know me, at all. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you need to see my previous two videos, clip those down below. And subscribe right over there, if you’re not subscribed already.

OK, I love you guys so much.

Bye ..