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Bills prohibiting trans people from use the bathroom that best corresponds to their gender identity have been popping up all over the country. In her latest slapstick bit, Samantha Bee addresses the bathroom bill dispute, zeroing in on Tennessee.

Bee explains that one of the key sponsors of Tennessee’s bill, Jeremy Durham, might be more of security threats than the transgender people his bill targets. Durham allegedly sent inappropriate late-night text messages to female colleagues and was even exiled to a separate office house after he was deemed a “continuing risk” to women.

It’s impossible to ignore the painful irony that a human facing such charges is the same human claiming to be a “champion of protecting children from sex predators, ” Bee points out.

But that’s not all. Another Tennessee lawmaker, Sheila Butt, is also spearheading the transgender bathroom bill. Butt has already expressed her anti-LGBT positions in her Christian dating guide, “Everyday Princess , ” in which she criticizes a 3-year-old who holds an imaginary wedding ceremony for her two female Barbie dolls, saying, “God built daughters to marry sons! ”

Butt goes on to shame women for having pre-maritalsex, comparing the individuals who do to a used, stained dress.

Bee pokes fun and says Butt simply wants females to focus on other forms of foreplay 😛 TAGEND

Bathroom bill

Jokes aside, Bee exhorts her viewers to do their research before be voting in favour of their nation legislators.

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